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Being a first responder in any City isn't easy. The long hours, stress, and outdoor elements can have a negative impact on your skin and make you age before your time.  From the extreme heat of the summer to the cold of the winters and everything in between.


As a First Responder, I saw  how those who worked on the front lines for years without any kind of skin protection looked tired and aged when it was time to hang up their boots. I made a commitment to myself that I would not only survive the  streets but that I would also take care of my skin so that I wouldn’t age prematurely like so many others. This started with a daily routine of protecting my skin from the cancer causing rays of the sun by using a strong SPF moisturizer for face protection and an under-eye cream to prevent fine lines and dark circles forming around my eyes.


I wanted to use the best moisturizers and skin protectants that would not only offer me the ultimate skin protection but also give me the confidence to feel good and go out and do my job everyday. But there was a problem. Most Men’s products are either very expensive, think department store boutique brands, or are very minimal in their application, meaning they go on very light and thin, and don’t last very long. As someone who was putting their life on the line everyday, I needed products that provided heavy duty protection, were long lasting, reasonably priced, had clean ingredients meaning no harsh chemicals like parabens or sulfates and came with enough product in the bottle or tube to last me a long time. The Problem was that no such products existed. That’s why I set out to create CODE 3, Tactical Skincare for Men! The term CODE 3 is code for an emergency situation where a quick response is needed and for me I needed skincare products that I could count on and quickly.


CODE 3 is not like other men’s skincare products. It is the first and only men’s skincare line developed by a first responder. I set out to create a skincare line that  like first responders, would go above and beyond everyday. It is designed to give you the ultimate protection and benefits for your skin far beyond your average brand of men’s skincare that’s currently available. CODE 3 provides the critical defense that everyman needs.  That’s why it's designed to “Protect and Serve” the everyday man. CODE 3 is  formulated with natural ingredients that work for all skin types.


But how does CODE 3 Skincare do this? Very strategically, first each product developed for CODE 3 has to provide real protection you can feel. That’s why our Face Protection with SPF 30 goes on thick but rubs in smooth and absorbent, leaving you with a layer of protection that you can feel. Its not thin and watery like lesser brands that can leave behind a white residue. Second, each product has to have clean and effective ingredients, like CODE 3 under-eye cream that uses avocado oil, Shea butter, and caffeine, and also hyaluronic acid that is only found in the most expensive brands. None of our products contain parabens or sulfates.  

All CODE 3 products are manufactured by a leading certified cosmetic development laboratory in Southern California, which employs some of the best cosmetic chemists in the industry.  CODE 3 products give you more value. You’ll find that our shave butter comes in an 8-ounce bottle, where most others come in 6 ounces. Our Eye Protection under-eye cream comes in a 1 oz. tube, offering twice as much product than others brands. CODE 3 offers the same natural ingredients as the most expensive store bought brands.


When I set out to develop CODE 3 Skincare for Men, I knew it had to be something special and something different, from natural ingredients to low prices, it had to be better than the competition and something that I would use everyday of the week. I’m proud to say that CODE 3 Skincare offers the ultimate men’s products.