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Who Is Code 3 Skincare Made For?

Code 3 skincare is designed starting from young adults and onward regardless of gender.  Our products are formulated, with natural ingredients that allow them to work for all skin types.


Why Use Code 3 Skincare?

We are cruelty free, and we use natural ingredients in our products. Ingredients like tea tree oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, caffeine, and aloe vera are just some of the ingredients you’ll find in our products. We are paraben free, Oxybenzone free, and sulfate free.


Is Code 3 Skincare Safe?

Code 3 skincare is created for all skin types. Our products are formulated using the safest ingredients available on the market. Our Code 3 Face Protection is Oxybenzone free, a known ingredient that can cause skin allergies while causing damage to the environment. We use a fine zinc oxide that doesn’t leave a white film behind. Zinc oxide works by reflects light off the surface of the skin where the sunscreen is applied.

Sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate are known as surfactants, an emulsifier that creates lather in shampoos and body washes. Research has shown that constant exposure to sulfates can cause damage to your skin, resulting in extremely sensitive skin, it constantly strips the skin of its natural protective barrier along with removing much needed oils from the skin. We are very proud to be sulfate free.


How Long After Using Code 3 Products Does It Take to Feel a Difference?

All Code 3 products are developed so that once applied they begin to work immediately. The Face Protection will immediately start to moisturize and protect you from UV rays as soon it is applied. Our eye-protection is most effective when applied regularly in the mornings. Code 3 Shave Butter immediately starts moisturizing your skin for the ultimate shave experience. The smell of tea tree oil along with other natural ingredients will fill your nostrils as it works to soothe and help soften your skin. Our beard oil will start nourishing your beard along with the skin underneath with the scent of Sandalwood. Code 3 body wash will provide the ultimate cleanse without drying out your skin or stripping any essential oils. You will immediately notice the great lather and fresh scent while it cleans your skin.


Are Code 3 Products Good for Long Term Use?

All Code 3 products can be used long term. The long-term use of our products can provide you with the best results and they are made with quality safe ingredients that will nourish and protect your skin. Code 3 is proud to announce we don’t use parabens in any of our products.