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Why the "Everyday Man" Should Have a Skincare Routine


How many of us men go through life thinking “what if”, living with regrets? As we mature and age, we tend to think back about how we have may done things differently at some point of our lives. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20 right? Well one thing is for sure, we all get older and we all mature and what comes along with that is years of sun exposure, perhaps some sleepless nights and few fine lines and wrinkles. But don’t we all, if we really think about it want to age gracefully and enhance our youthful appearance of years past. It’s really not impossible and it’s never too late and here’s why. With the proper skin care routine that protects our skin, particularly face and under-eye area, along with the use of clean ingredient products to shave and wash with, we can enhance or maintain our youthful appearance of past years while  minimizing  if not completely shielding our face from fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots around our eyes.

Men should start thinking deeply about skin care and a skin care routine. Here are a couple of questions every man should ask themselves.

1) Why should I care about my skin?

2) Why should I develop a skin care routine?

Thinking About Skin Care

Soap and water used to be the extent of most men's skin care grooming routine. It was taboo, for a man's man to put too much effort into his facial presentation. Skin care at one time was deemed a strictly feminine activity and real men need not apply! But man, how times have changed. Many of us including myself are a bit vain about our looks if I may say so myself. We want to put our best foot forward and always be seen in the best light. A daily skin care routine is just the answer we have been looking for.

Well guys let’s admit it times have changed!

The men's skin care industry has pulled in 80 Billion dollars this decade alone, showing more men are following the ladies leads, and paying more attention to their skin car needs, dismissing outdated ideas generally accepted in the past. But wait, does that mean we have to use foo-foo products that are just repackaged lady’s skincare products put into some colorful packaging to attract the male buyer. Of course not! That’s why we developed CODE 3, Tactical Skincare for Men. Men’s skincare with a purpose to Protect and Serve the Everyday Man!


Code 3 skincare products


Developing a skin care routine

For those of us just now realizing the importance of maintaining healthy skin to look our best there are three actions that should be adopted in each man's skin care routine. So let’s get straight to the point.




Code 3 skincare has developed products specifically designed to help make your skin grooming ritual easy and affordable using the highest quality ingredients. So, let’s start!


Washing your face every morning, has recently been discovered, to be counter-productive. It actually strips the natural oils, in effect drying out the skin, which is why it is important to use a cleanser that has natural clean ingredients and wont strip your body of the natural oils it needs. Which is why we developed CODE 3 Total Body Wash. Oh and not to mention the scent is one of a kind, custom formulated in our own lab to leave you smelling crisp and fresh without being overpowering.

Air pollution, smoke, and chemicals attack your face and skin everyday. It's important to remove these toxins with a skin care routine daily. It starts in the shower.


Code 3 Body wash can help cleanse these harmful toxins that invade your body.

Code 3 Body Wash helps solidify your daily skin care routine by keeping your body protected and clean.


Most guys think Sun protection should only be used at the beach, or during outdoor actives. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is absolutely necessary to use a good clean ingredient sun screen moisturizer daily. Air pollution, smoke and the Sun if left unchecked, takes a continuous toll on the skin. But there is hope. Which why we developed Code 3 Face Protection for daily use.

The Sun is not always your friend. UV rays can damage the skin, creating wrinkles and lines, not to mention the link to skin cancer. If there is one thing that promotes wrinkles and lines that comes with age, it is the constant exposure to the sun without any protection. It causes us to age before our time. And who wants that? Which is why we developed CODE 3 Face Protection. An spf 30 Moisturizer, Meaning it protects your face with a sun protection factor of 30, blocking UVA and UVB rays while also moisturizing your face keeping it smooth and soft all day. Offering the ultimate protection, it also works well to protect your head if your bald.

We highly recommend using it daily, as part of a regular routine.

While Code 3 Face Protection, protects your face. What about the area around your eyes? Should we just ignore this area? Of course not and here’s why. The skin around are eyes are very thin and prone to dark circles, puffiness, and crowes feet. The great news is that we can treat all these conditions by first trying to get enough rest and applying a quality under-eye cream like CODE 3 Eye Protection. When life has us moving at a marathon pace its often easy to neglect the thin skin under and around our eyes. What we began seeing is dark circles and puffy eyes. Over time exposure to the sun creates fine lines in the thinnest area of skin around our eyes. Which is why we developed CODE 3 Eye Protection, made with simple but effective ingredients like avocado oil, caffeine, and hyaluronic acid just to name a few. The effective ingredients in CODE 3 Eye Protection when combined with a daily routine will minimize the dark circles and puffiness, reducing the appearance of fine line and over time will protect and continue to mositurize the delicate skin under and around the eyes.


So let’s talk about healing. It’s never too late for a man to start a skin care routine. All our products promote long term protection and healing. We developed a shave butter that has only natural ingredients. We formulated our shave butter to be heavy on Tea Tree Oil which offers the smoothest shave experience with the healing powers of Tea Tree oil.

And what about that beard? With so many of us guys sporting beards now, its important to keep them soft and manageable. Not to mention your significant other will appreciate the effort! Our CODE 3 Beard Oil uses only natural oils that will smooth and condition your beard without leaving you smelling like you have cologne beard. We use a natural warm smelling sandalwood that if offers just enough scent but won’t be overpowering. So let’s get this done!

Is A Skin Care Routine for You? Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rancher, a soldier an office executive or a stay at home dad. We all need to look our best and a skin care routine is like insurance. Your always protected! Here’s your ideal daily skin care routine:

Shower in the morning using CODE 3 Body Wash

Then Shave your face and/or head using CODE 3 Shave butter and forget the aftershave. You won’t need it with CODE 3 Shave Butter’s ultimate moisturizing properties.

Now take your CODE 3 Eye Protection and apply it on your finger tip and  pat it around the skin under and around your eyes.

Finally, take your CODE 3 Face Protection, squeeze a quarter size of product in your hand and rub on your face and/or head using both hands until its well absorbed. You’ll feel the shield like affect!

If you have a beard, now is the time to take some CODE 3 beard Oil and rub it into your beard. Feel it soften your beard while it conditions the skin underneath. No Beard ruff here!

And there you have it the ultimate CODE 3 skincare routine guaranteed to protect and serve throughout the day!

Remember, your skin's appearance can affect your performance, personal relationships and overall self-esteem.

When you look good - you feel good. Your confidence raises a level, while your self-esteem gets stronger.

CODE 3 skin care products should definitely be included in any man’s daily skin care routine. Remember CODE 3 Skincare was not developed to be a foo-foo lady’s product repackaged for men. It was developed and formulated specifically for a man. The everyday man! You only get one body - take care of your skin.

CODE 3 is in the business of protecting with our skin care products - check us out 


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