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Shave Cream vs Shave Butter

There seems to be a new player in the game when it comes to grooming and shaving products. For years, shaving cream ruled the shaving industry, followed by shaving gel. A third product is gaining popularity among grooming trends, shaving butter.

Shaving butter has come from out of nowhere and staked a claim in the grooming and shaving industry. But, does shaving butter have the staying power or the popularity or will it go the way of the Handle Bar Mustache?


 Let’s investigate this shave butter versus shaving cream and which one is best for you. 


What’s Shave Butter?


Men care more about the grooming products they use, as they should. The next best thing in shaving is Butters, which are low-lather, made with all-natural ingredients. Shave butters are packed full of natural oils, keeping your skin protected and moisturized.


These oils also help keep your razor from getting clogged, leading to smoother shaves with less nicks and cuts. Shave butter can be used with any kind of razor and provide an extremely close shave. The low-lather makes it easier to line up beards and necks.


Shave Butter can be used on other parts of the body like the face and neck.



 Shave butter is a unique formulation combining several attributes from different forms:

  • Oil for its lubricity, slip, and glide
  • Gel for clarity, lighter texture and rinsing ability
  • Cream for protection, and skin feel

Shaving butter provides a smooth and comfortable shave, allowing easier navigation and detailing.


  • Clarity
  • Skin softening
  • Protection
  • Razor glide
  • Rinsing
  • Closeness of shave

They all make shave butter a better option versus traditional creams. Shave butter's a low-lather substance with ingredients absent in creams or gels. The ingredients allow for more focused shaves.


The incorporation of essential oils:


  • Peppermint oil
  • Tea Tree oil


Both enrich the shaving experience. Sensitive skin types can enjoy its cooling sensation and rejuvenating hallmarks. Some shavers claim it’s a timesaver, delivering faster gliding action. Yet still, it’s the affordability that makes the product a big factor in the shaving industry today.



Who Uses Shave Butter?


Male Youtubers might be the niche consumers for shave butter.

Men in their 20’s and 30’s are bypassing traditional shaving products, choosing newer shave butter, over their father’s shaving cream. The over saturation of online ads helped the surge in popularity with younger shavers.

Either way, chances are that if you are part of the 67% of the male American population reach for a can to lather your face, you’ve probably wondered at some point, not even knowing what shaving cream does.


 Story of Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is only 100 years old. Until the end of the 1800’s men would use bars of lathered soap and a razor. In 1840 however, Vroom and Fowler’s Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap created a concentrated, tablet form of soap that created more foam.

In 1919, Barbasol, invented shaving cream. But, the American public remained unmoved, not wanting to change from their traditional soap-and-brush shaving methods. In 1949 shaving cream evolved into a can of pressurized shaving foam, offering a thick lather by pressing a button.


Three Reasons Why You Should Use Shaving Cream

It Moisturizes Your Beard Hair

First, shaving cream hydrate facial hair during your shave, making those tough, hairs softer and easier to cut down. The less force, the more comfortable your shave.

It Lubricates Your Skin

Second, shaving cream’s thin layer of protection between the razor and your skin guarantees less friction, minimizing the risk of razor burn and a cut.

It Helps You Keep Track

Third, shaving allows you to stay aware of the parts of your face that are shaved and unshaved. This visual aid means fewer missed spots and redoes.




I used Code 3 Shave Butter and a normal large brand shaving cream. Shave butter won. It’s convenient, good for your skin, and good for the environment. It left my face feeling fresh and made it easy to find my beard, and shape it how I want. I’m stepping into the next level of shaving. Code 3 Shave Butter now rests on my sink.



Frequently Asked Questions


Is This Good For Moisturizing Skin?


Code 3 Shave Butter is great for moisturizing your skin for two reasons: 1. Shave butter does not contain soap, an ingredient found in the majority of shave products. Simply rub excess Shave Butter on your face as an after-shave lotion. 2. Shave butter includes Cocoa, Shea and Mango Butters to aid in moisturizing your skin both pre- and post-shave.



Is Shave Butter for Men and Women


Code 3 Shave Butter is perfect for men and women. With no surfactants, it leaves no residue, and can easily be used as a post-shave lotion. 


Made in USA?


Yes, Code 3 Shave Butter is 100% made in the USA. 


Does Shave Butter Protect Sensitive Skin?


Code 3 shave butter is not a gel, it creates a lubricated barrier between the razor and your skin. If you apply a small amount and activate it with a little bit of water and rinses off easily, leaving the skin feeling great.