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In our previous blog we talked about the importance of a “Daily Regimen”. But there is one area that often times seems to be ignored and that is the important area around the eyes. The truth is that area around your eyes needs extra attention and for the long term. The skin around your eyes is up to 40 percent thinner and the least elastic part of your face, basically meaning the skin around the eye is more delicate and susceptible to damage, not only from squinting and constantly moving one’s eyes, but the fact that the skin around your eyes ages faster than the rest of your face. So, we need to consider it a priority to apply a high-quality men’s under-eye cream like CODE 3 Eye Protection as part of an overall “Daily Regimen” both morning and night.

The use of a quality under-eye cream like CODE 3 Eye Protection will protect and reduce damage that causes fine lines, wrinkles and puffy dark circles, which is a sign of aging and fatigue, by moisturizing and hydrating the area around and under your eyes.


Here are some problems caused by damage of the skin under the eyes.

1) Fine lines

2) Dark Circles

3) Puffiness

First, fine lines come from sun damage and lack of collagen in the skin due to aging. Collagen which gives your skin support and elasticity is important in maintaining the skin under the eyes. A good under-eye cream with moisturizers like Shea Butter combined with Hyaluronic acid will help prevent loss of water, and also maintains the skin's elasticity thereby improving the Collagen.

Next are dark circles under the eyes, which can be attributed to genetics, damage from the sun, lack of sleep, and aging. Avocado oil and anti-oxidants like Vitamin E can help lighten dark circles and renew the cells around the eyes to reduce discoloration caused by blood build up and make dark circles appear lighter.

Last is puffiness - a buildup of blood and fluid under the eye. Caffeine has shown to aid  circulation and reduce puffiness to the skin around the eye.


Taking care of the areas around your eyes is an important component of a daily skincare routine, which is why we developed and formulated CODE 3 Eye Protection with the most important ingredients necessary for addressing all the issues that affect the area around your eyes. An all in one under-eye cream that will give your eyes the protection they Deserve.


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